Many of us – those of us fortunate enough to get a goodnight’s sleep – spend at least 8 hours, or more, in bed. In fact, with the advent of technology—smartphones, tablets, etc.—we tend to spend much more than 8 hours in bed between sleep and browsing through our smart devices. 

Keeping sheets clean is an important part of personal hygiene and spending all that time in bed makes it even more critical. 

But washing and folding sheets is a drag! We get it. But now you can get your sheets picked up, washed, dried, folded, and delivered right to your door using a standard laundry delivery service in Los Angeles. 

Changing and washing sheets is not only a good practice for proper hygiene, but it’s also strongly recommended to avoid any dust build-up, which may cause allergies and other illnesses. Keeping sheets clean helps you rest better as you lay in bed to strengthen your immune system and ultimately make sure you are comfortable and have a good night’s sleep overall.

“I’m not sharing my bed with anyone. Why should I wash my sheets?”

This is the part most people don’t want to hear. Dirty sheets mean sweat, lint, dust, dead skin cells, hair, bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and other allergens continue to share your bed and potentially trigger sneezing, shortness of breath, and other adverse reactions. Infections can be easily contracted and transmitted as a direct result of having unsanitary sheets. 

“How often should I wash my sheets?”

To maintain healthy hygiene, it is recommended that you wash your sheets 3 to 5 times per month, depending on the amount of time you spend in bed. Now, what other things should you remember to know if you are cleaning them enough or not? 

●      Read the label. You’ll see specific care instructions in the product label of your sheets. Make sure to check them as your guide.

●      Hot water. In many label lists, hot water is used for cotton, while other fabric materials such as polyester should be washed warm.

●      Detergent. Use fragrance free, pigment free, laundry detergent brands when washing your linens.

●      Rinse. It is good for sensitive skin people to rinse their sheets twice because any residual detergent could be irritating.

●      Hang dry. In some cases, it is not enough that you run your sheets in the dryer. A good amount of air (sometimes, sunlight) equally distributed to the entire fabric helps remove extra moisture when drying your newly washed linen.

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Types of linens and number of times you should wash them:

Recommended Frequencies:

●      Pillows – once every 3-6 months 

●      Pillowcases – once a week

●      Flat and fitted sheets – once a week

●      Duvet covers – once every 2-4 weeks

●      Blankets – once every 2-3 months.

●      Comforters – once every 2-3 months.

●      Mattress – once every six months

If you, or someone you know, likes stuffed animals, then those toys need some laundry care as well. Experts recommend killing potential dust mites from these stuffed toys by laundering them at 60 deg Celsius (or depending on the manufacturer’s care label).

Not only does this help extend its usability, but this is also good practice to make sure you get the best quality of sleep and improve your health and well-being. If you’re not sure where to start, a laundry pickup and delivery service in Los Angeles is the answer!

Get a good night’s sleep by washing your sheets regularly.

Quality sleep, healthier self

Do you know that washing makes fabrics softer? Softer fabrics provide physical and emotional comfort after a long, hard day’s work. 

Ultimately, if you are sick or have contagious viral infections, even a simple cold; it is best to wash your sheets daily, or every other day. This is to ensure you don’t cross-contaminate yourself or other clean beddings where you recuperate. You would want to prevent germs from multiplying to heal faster.

A great number of people dread washing and drying their clothes, let alone their bedding. It’s good to know there are now professional laundry services in Los Angeles that you can go to so you can use the time you saved to do your other important tasks. 

Considering this global Pandemic, we are still in the midst of, maintaining proper hygiene and good health can be the difference in keeping you safe from viruses and contaminants.